Thursday, 2 February 2012

Work in Progress

Can you guess which well known children's tale I'm illustrating at the moment?

It's one of the spreads from a new 44 page picture book for Japanese publisher Fukuinkan Shoten. The finished work will be in colour, at the moment I'm inking in the linework.

Fukuinkan can be described as quite a traditional publisher, being one of the oldest and most established houses in Japan. The requirements for this book are likewise in a traditional vein.

So have you guessed the story?

It's still unfinished, but here's the full drawing, half way through inking.


June said...

I'm guessing a certain beanstalk is being inked-in there... and it is looking great so far.
How can you focus to draw such fine lines? I need my glasses at all times now :o(

Bob Logan said...

Your work is very inspirational!


John said...

I worry about my eyesight too June!! One of these days I'll be obliged to paint with a broom, but not just yet thank goodness.

#1 Web Designer said...

wow!! Interesting talent. I love how you draw it :)♥

luckmey said...
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