Friday, 7 May 2010

Daily Sketch: Hat Trick

The last day in my week's "Sketchathon", thanks for all the encouraging support!

This has been a challenging experiment, some days I've had more time to draw than others, sometimes inspiration has hit me, other times it's gradually emerged from pushing a pen around paper.

The biggest lesson from this week though is that nomatter how busy we are there are always ways to find time for free creative drawing, or at least thinking about images. And the more we draw, the more our imagination is honed, our skills sharpened, our quest to create something new and intuitively personal made that much easier.

These are all new images, thought up and drawn on the day, scanned and posted fresh off the page. The next challenge is to try it for a month, but first I've a few deadlines to catch up with....


Bob said...

Kudos for completing your Sketcheathon and bieng a single dad and a working illustrator at the same time.

I love this hat-tree-house-child - I think you'll agree it's particularly the sort of image that appeals to me at the moment.


Janet said...

Wow, you're an inspiration, John. I love them all, but the "maternalism" one is especially clever. I'm going to give this a try, as soon as this next insane deadline is met.