Wednesday, 10 June 2009

"Nasty" Interior art

Some of the full page interior cuts from the new edition of Michael Rosen's "Nasty".

The Book consists of a series of comic horror tall tales related by a woman first met by the narrator in a London pub. Among other things a giant flea infesting the Underground, belligerent wasps in the middle of winter, poisonous burgers, mouse hypnotising, and a runaway grizzy bear, lots of fun to illustrate.

The book is released on 6th August and can be pre-ordered from Amazon.


kellie said...

The mouse drawing is very intriguing.

I was reading the Barn Owl edition of Arabel's Raven to my daughter recently - as well as being a good story, it was very nicely laid out and typeset (in Bulmer if I remember rightly). Nice to work for a publsher who cares about such things.

mai s kemble said...

these are awesome...I keep looking back at the second one. This must've been a fun book to work on!