Friday, 13 February 2009

Exhibition report

Daughter Seren and I are back in the chilly UK now after 3 wonderful weeks in Tokyo. My exhibition Kingdoms Curious at Pinpoint Gallery was a great success, with over 200 attendees over the two weeks. Following the show I gave a presentation to SCBWI Tokyo on creating "Power Portfolios", if I get some event snapshots I'll post them here, but in the meantime here's a few snippets from the exhibition.

Seren made herself very useful setting up the show.

A few panoramas of the gallery. Pinpoint is a relatively small space, but ideally located right in the middle of the fashionable Aoyama district and highly focused on children's books. For a book illustrator it's the perfect size for a solo show. There were 32 pictures on display altogether, mainly from my published picture books like The Boat in the Tree and The House of the World, but with a number of graphic works created especially for the show too.

The majority of images represented a selection of work from the last three years.

I was in the gallery for around 4 hours every day. Seren was occupied by a growing number of activities, games and gifts and was an angel... for the first week at least!

A few of my more recent books released in Japan were on sale, like the Japanese edition of Jenny Nimmo's Charlie Bone series (Tokuma Shoten), and Zipper-kun to Chaku no Maho (Rironsha).


Alicia Padrón said...

Oh my goodness, I love that picture of you and your daughter.. Serene is so beautiful! And she looks so proud helping daddy set up the exhibition. What a beautiful thing, I got a bit teary eyed I have to admit.

Congratulations again! :o)

Bob Wood said...

Idle curiosity on my part but why is Seren wearing a face-mask as she hammers in the picture-nail?

Corinne Robson said...

John -

I wish I had known about this exhibition to share with our readers. Please let me know if you are involved in something like this again or if you are hosting any workshops. Love your illustrations and I can only echo Alicia's comment on how beautiful your daughter is.

John said...

ah, the face-mask. Seren caught a cold on the flight, in Japan it's common to wear a mask when you have a cold or to protect you from hay fever.

In Seren's case though I think she just likes wearing them.