Sunday, 15 February 2009

Exhibition images - original work

I don't usually sell my picture book illustrations when I exhibit, as I don't like breaking up sets of artwork. A picture book might contain 20 or more pieces of artwork, if I were to sell just one piece it would break up the set. I'm reluctant to do this, especially with my Japanese published books as there's always the chance I might sell the reproduction rights to a publisher in the West for an English or other language edition, and it's always better to have the original artwork available. If however someone were to buy the entire books worth of originals it would be a different story, I'm always up for offers!

Artwork for single book covers, editorial etc was available for sale however (some examples are on my page at Children's

As I didn't want to sell a large proportion of my published work I also created a number of original unique pieces especially for the show. Here they are, some are still available for sale or prints, contact me for prices.


kin'xp said...
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Susan Miller said...

Beautiful work John, I love your blog.
Sue Miller

Stephen Aitken said...

Great work John. Congratulations on your exhibit and a successful trip.
I love the flying dove image.pstsu

Loreen Leedy said...

Congratulations, John! Love the tree and city images.