Thursday, 6 September 2007

Family Photos

Okey, this is definitely the last post on my family, the howling wolves of deadlines are baying at the door, henceforth I'll be focused on the present and the tasks in hand.

However I just wanted to show what a wonderful tool Photoshop can be for retouching. As various older members of the family have passed on my father's house has become a repository for a growing collection of old family photos, some of them in very poor condition. So I've been scanning them in and doing what I can to make some of the more important shots more presentable. It's amazing what can be done:

Anne Hern (born 1850) - original scan of a very
faded photograph before retouching.

Anne Hern after painstaking cleaning up and
judicious use of Photoshop's light/shadow &
saturation tools.

The Shelley family around 1932, my father is the toddler propped on the back
of the bike. Original scan with nasty creases.

The same image after careful retouching with Photoshop's clone tool.

In such a way have I been avoiding work and thinking of my family. I've a lot of pictures of my mother's family too, but since she's now gone there's plenty of time to work on those. But its back to work now! As my forever practical wife says, I should worry more about providing for those still around me than those who are no longer with us!


June said...

This has reminded me that I have a lot of old photographs needing such treatment. And it is wonderful to be able to share the restored image with family and friends around the world, rather than just one person holding a fragile, fading copy.

John said...

I think the loss of the older generation of my family gives me a certain urgency to "take control" of the family photos. No-one else in the family seems that motivated, but I feel I need to preserve things for future generations. Most of the shots have no inscriptions, so eventually there'll be no-one left to identify the subjects. It would be a tragedy if that happens!

Annie Donwerth Chikamatsu said...

Great to see that the photos are being preserved. I should look into doing that too! Another workshop I need for you to do for me, John!!

I love old photos. Even of others' families and places. Doesn't really matter who they are. Your children will appreciate them someday.