Monday, 2 July 2007

Souvenirs of Mongolia

Holly and I were presented with many things from the workshop participants, ranging from copies of their books to original artwork. Here are a few.

Book cover of The Bear with a Stone Talisman, self-published book written by our host Batji.

Bookcover of a another self-published short story written by Lhagvasuren (sorry, I can't figure out the title!)

Cover of one of the books presented to us by Bolomaa Baansansuren

Original painting presented to me by Baasansuren.

Gers Oil painting by S. Togsoyun

One of three paper-cuts presented to me by the artist I. Ochipurev


PG said...

That is a stupendous papercut!(Paper cutting has to be one of the most untrendy art forms around). I love this one.

Ginger*:)* said...

The paper cut is incredible. I once watched a gentleman at the NYC Museum of Art create a paper cutting before our eyes. He wisked his sharp scissors in and out of the paper, moving the paper instead of the scissors. He was so fast and created such a delightful scene of birds, trees, flowers, and an iron gate. Thanks for bringing back that memory.

How fortunate you are to have been presented with so many fine examples of artwork from your visit.

John said...

Incredibly he just pulled these paper-cuts out of an envelope, completely unprotected. This one in particular was very bent and tangled - I flattened them between the pages of a book to get them home. He signed his name on a sheet of white paper, and I mounted and framed them myself.

One of the great curiosities of the trip was the apparent lack of care taken of artwork by artists. This paper cut was incredibly delicate, but it was pulled out like a shop receipt.

I'll try to scan the other two images, but I gave them to my inlaws!

Annie Donwerth Chikamatsu said...

Thanks for posting these. It's interesting to see the different styles, the script of the language, and what they are able to do on their own there.

Nic Dafis said...

The papurcut is lovely, I'm going to blog it now :)

Do you think that the form's untrendiness might have something to do with its name? I can't think of the word "papercut" without a sharp intake of breath through the teeth. Ouch.

This reminds me, I have papercut portaits of my mum and her sister as children that I've been meaning to scan and upload...