Sunday, 7 January 2007

New Year greetings

All the best for 2007!


Akoremi said...

Waaa Great Stuff!! Though my style is really different I really apreciate this type of work you do!!
I'm really interested in working in Japan. As a great foreing illustrator working in Japan since so long, what type of advice do u have for people like me?? Do you think I can get an opportunity? I'd really apreciate if you took a look at my blog and give me a comment. (by the way sorry my english) Thanks!!

qeshi said...

Hi John, your work is so awesome!

I found your blog from your post at John K's blog.

I've been thinking about making children's books myself but instead I've chosen to make flash cartoons. I don't know if I can make a living of that though.

Here is some examples:



I'm currently working on a movie about ijime/bullying. I feel it's an important topic and I want to bring attention to it, both in Sweden where I live and in Japan.

I just have to ask you since you seem so experienced. If I wanted to bring attetnion to my next movie in Japan who should I turn to?

I'd like to show it in schools and libraries and such so I could expose my movie to school children. And hopefully bring about a debate around the problem.