Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Train sketches

Wherever I go I always carry in my bag a small A-5 size sketchbook for scribbling ideas, doodling or sketching when I'm out and about. I panic if I don't have paper and pen close at hand, as Murphy's law goes flashes of inspiration always come when I don't have any paper, then are forgotten.

Most of the time the only chance I get to really use the book is if I get a seat on the train during my increasingly rare trips into central Tokyo.

Here's something recent - it's not often I get chance to draw a Westerner on the train sitting in front of me. I love these fleeting chances to draw people, never sure when they're going to get off, or someone block the view.

His newspaper was in Spanish, which was even rarer to see around here.

1 comment:

reojames said...

What an awesome sketch!
I wish I had your talent. I'm in art school now, second semester, and I'm begining to doubt my own talent.
Keep up the good posts and I'll keep checking back.