Monday, 27 March 2006

Losing lines

One thing I always have to be careful of in illustration is having line details swamped when it comes to adding colour. For example this pic. I actually prefer the B/W pen and ink underdrawing to the finished art.

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The colour version is how it appeared in the final book. It's an illustration to Hans Andersen's story "The Flea and the Professor".


butuki said...

I almost always prefer the original sketches that artists make to the finalized paintings. They just seem more authentic and dynamic. I much prefer Rembrandt's ink sketches to his paintings.

John Nez said...

Great character!


John Nez said...

Yeah that inkline thing always drives me nuts!

I've given up using pens altogether... too strong a line usually. And I've gone from using pencil to using the epson 2200 to print out lines... where I can change the color in photoshop.

Still it seems there's always a battle going on between the color and the line. I think illustrators often wind up using about 4 kinds of pencil and 3 shades of ink to get the right line quality.

Drives me nuts!